söndag 30 december 2007

What is happiness?

Ur en intervju med Jack Kornfield:

For many people, happiness is about chasing after something -a new car, a promotion, a trip somewhere. But when they get it they aren´t satisfied. They want more. What is happiness?

I´ll tell you a story: A reporter was asking Dalai Lama: "You have written this book "The art of happiness"-could you please tell me about the most happiest moment of your life? And the Dalai Lama smiled and said, "I think now!"
Happiness isn´t about getting something in the future. Happiness is the capacity to open the heart and eyes and spirit and be where we are and find happiness in the midst of it.

What is the most practical spiritual advice you can offer?
Relax. That´s my first instruction. My second instruction is compassion...
I know that I want to be able to love well and find an inner freedom to be of benefit to other human beings.

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